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Fastrac demountable Sprayers


Knight JCB Fastrac Demount

Knight Demountable sprayers are available to compliment a selection of different tractor units. As with all Knight Sprayers the “MAXImizer” plumbing simplifies the way the sprayer controls the dilute chemical in a unique and simple way that reduces the amount of pipe-work and therefore the amount of wasted chemical trapped in the machine when spraying finishes. This also reduces the water volume required to clean the system as well as speeding up the process and saving valuable spraying time. The entire plumbing system including the spray boom is in continuous motion during spraying and circulation mode.


Air shut off nozzles ensure an instantaneous spray on and off with no time lag for a more precise operation at headlands. This system is ideally suited for the optional GPS controlled automatic switching system that simplifies operation and dramatically improves accuracy of application.

Automatic spray boom height and levelling is another option that makes spraying as simple as possible whilst keeping the boom at its most efficient operating height and raising it during headland turns to reduce the chance of accidental damage.

As well as conventional application systems, demount sprayers can be fitted with Twin Fluid or Air Sleeve application equipment.

The Knight demount for the JCB Fastrac is designed to optimise the load space of the Fastrac and give the best possible weight distribution.

The sprayer can be removed in under 10 minutes and the tractor is then free to perform other duties.

Sprayers are available for the full range of Fastracs. Most popular are the smaller tractors which are available with four wheel steering. A special low profile boom transport system is available on these smaller machines.

The stainless steel tank holds in excess of its rated 2000 litres. The capacity can be increased with the optional 1000 litre front tank system. A clean water wash tank is fitted to the rear spray tank and can carry around 200 litres of clean water for use in the sprayers tank cleaning system.


  • MAXImizer plumbing system
  • Air shut-off nozzles
  • Presurised boom circulation
  • Automatic boom flusing
  • Muller Eco controller
  • Airtec twin fluid option
  • Air Sleeve option
  • Simple Demount System
  • Integrated controler

 Househam / Spraycare

Sprayer: Fastrac 2000 (Demount)
Spray Tank Size: 2000 Litre
Wash Tank: Clean water wash tank with rinse kit. Clean water hand wash tank
Pump: Bertolini 6 cyl 260 L/Min diaphram
Booms: 12/20 or 12/24m options
Spraylines: stainless steel
Section Controls: 4 section electric in cab
Min Spray Height: Hydraulicly adjustable
Max Spray Height: Hydraulicly adjustable
Application Control: In cab electricly controled presure or fully automatic electricly controled options.