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Knight produce an extensive range of sprayers for the Multidrive Tractor. This vehicle has proved particularly popular with people who favour a mechanical transmission over hydrostatic. Sprayers up to 4000 litre capacity with 36 m booms are available. A compact design with exceptional strength and reliability has proved popular with larger farmers and contractors. A separate clean water wash tank is mounted compactly onto the top of the chemical tank. This modular design gives two completely separate tanks but still maintains the line of the machine. A choice of single or multi nozzle units with up to five turrets are available. Alternatively twin spray lines can be fitted

All boom folding functions are hydraulically controlled. This can include just the basic height control and folding system or a combination of sophisticated options including hydraulic outer folding, boom incline and boom levelling. A protective clothing cabinet is provided for the operator to store contaminated and clean PPE. This same unit houses a clean water supply for personal washing.

As with all Knight Sprayers, the APS control system simplifies operation of the sprayer controls. As well as conventional application systems the Multidrive sprayer range can be fitted with Twin Fluid or Air Sleeve application equipment. The combination of AirJet and satellite application control makes this sprayer the ideal Precision Farming tool.

36m / 5,000 litre Knight demount for the Multidrive