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ATV Sprayers

Practical and Economic Weed Control

A labour-saving alternative to knapsack spraying

The 70 litre Mini-Spray range of ATV mounted sprayers from mMatin Lishman are suitable for many small spraying jobs including spot treatments, field margins, crop stores, paths, paddocks, sports turf,
amenity areas and large gardens.


 Standard features on all models

  • 70 litre tank
  • UV stabilised 6mm thick polyurethane tank
  • Fill level indicator at 5 litre intervals, with 10% overfill allowance
  • Integral sump for easy draining
  • Separate base to protect pump
  • In-line filter and drain valve
  • Shaped tank end for wrap-around of hand lance hose
  • Quick-release ratchet straps for mounting to ATV frame. No specialist mountings required

Hand Lance

  • Aluminium barrel lance with adjustable nozzle and trigger lock handle
  • 6 metre flexible hose (longer if required)


  • Hand lance only
  • 1 metre boom
  • Deluxe 2.5m boom (pictured)
The FGH range from FarmGem

A range of trailed ATV sprayers are available from Farmgem with that extra capacity of up to 600 litres. a wide range of booms, hand lances and hose reels are available to suit any spraying situation.