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Electronics & GPS

We sell (and can fit) a wide range of electronic equipment from simple speed/area meters to field mapping, auto boom shut-off and automatic steering systems. GPS guidance systems can be in the form of a simple light bar or can be a grapical display or even a reeal-time video display. Auto shut off and steering can be added at a later stage if required and display units can be swapped from machine to machine. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will find a system to suit your exact needs.

RDS Electronics

RDS Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for the mobile machinery industry. Instruments can monitor, measure or control. Example areas of expertise include on-board weighing scales, rate control, drill, baler, wrapper controls, specialist vehicle dashboards etc.

The company has a wide range of standard instruments that are supplied and supported through specialist distributors in many parts of the world. RDS is always interested to hear from potential new distributors.

In addition to the standard range, RDS provides customised solutions to the OEM machinery industry, where RDS engineers work closely with the customer to provide an efficient, economic solution for the customer’s technical requirements..