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 Trailblazer High Capacity Trailed Sprayer

The trailblazer is a high-performance sprayer packed with advanced features and innovations. It is available in two chassis sizes with tank capacities from 3500 litres to 6000 litres. Boom options from 24m to 40m are available with full GPS section control or single nozzle switching.

Advanced ISOBUS electronics offer the flexibility of integration with your tractors own display.






NEW - XPLORER Trailed Sprayer

A technically advanced sprayer for the mid-range customer who is looking to adopt the latest technology at a cost-effective price.

The new Xplorer Trailed Sprayer is available with 3300 litre or 4400 litre tanks and the versatile “3 Series” booms up to 28m. Excellent field performance is guaranteed with auto boom levelling and electronic steering fitted as standard.

The heavy-duty, air suspended axle offers a smooth ride in the most difficult of field conditions.

GPS control combined with electronically switched nozzles offer the advantage of almost no overlap at headlands. The filling station features a new touch button control unit with programmable functions for loading the sprayer. All filling functions are also available via the in-cab computer.