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Overview - FGA

This small tractor mounted sprayer is popular with all from Greenkeeper to Gamekeeper. It is compact, simple to operate and meets all the latest legislation. The control layout provides the operator with main on/off, 3 separate boom section on/off, pressure adjustment, turbo agitation and tank flush control. The boom height can be adjusted to paddock or raised a little to treat pheasant cover crops. Optional equipment includes a 25 metre retractable hose reel and spray lance, ideal for precise applications around trees or along paths, electric main on/off, so the tractor cab window remains closed or triplet nozzle bodies for those requiring several different application rates.

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  • 200 litre polyethylene rota moulded tank c/w remote drain
  • 26 litre clean water rinse tank c/w rota flush tank rinse nozzle
  • 8 metre steel constructed manual “Package Folding” boom
  • Adjustable boom height
  • 75 litre/min 3 cylinder diaphragm pump
  • Manual main on/off and 3 spray section control c/w pressure adjustment
  • Adjustable control mounting
  • Single quick fit nozzle bodies c/w flat fan nozzles
  • Quick fit spray line flush end caps
  • Fill hose holder
  • 600 litre polyethylene tank
  • 60 litre clean water tank with internal tank rinsing system
  • 3-cylinder, 120 litre/min diaphragm piston pump
  • Manual shut-off and pressure adjust
  • Protective clothing locker and clean water hand rinsing system
  • 50m hose reel and lance
  • Triplet nozzle bodies

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Overview - FGH Wheelbarrow and trailed sprayers

A wide range of wheelbarrow and trailed sprayers are available aimed specifically at the amenity market. from 100 litres to 500 litres with a wide choice of booms, lances and optional equipment. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

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