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Spray nozzles

We carry large stocks of all types of spray nozzles from conventional 110º fan tips to air assisted nozzles in virtually all sizes. We can also supply specialist nozzles for such as liquid fertiliser application including dribble bar assemblies, umbrella type, streamer and anvil nozzles - In fact anything you want!

We have not listed everything below as they are all too numerous to mention even. However do not hesitate to contact us for information on anything else you may be interested in or if you require our expert help or advice. Have a look at the nozzle chart for the ISO standard colours and application rates (which most nozzles now conform to) to help you make your selection.

Air Bubble Jets

One of the most popular and commonly used nozzles that we sell today is the Air Bubble Jet - A jet that draws air into the liquid stream reducing the number of smaller droplets and creating air bubbles in the larger droplets to aid their dispersion.

How it works


Hardi now manufacture a wide range of nozzles conforming to ISO standards including LowDrift and air inclusion Injets



Probably the best known manufacturer of tips in the UK with a huge range including Standard tips, LODrift and DriftBeta


Another well known manufacturer - again with a huge range which we can supply on request, however, our main stocks include the most popular XR range

ISO Nozzle Chart