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Knight Tractor Mounted Sprayers


The Knight Tractor Mounted Sprayer is available with tank capacities of 1000, 1200 and 1500 litres and boom widths up to 24m. The compact, close coupled design keeps the sprayer as close as possible to the tractor.

“MAXImizer” plumbing simplifies the way the sprayer controls the dilute chemical in a unique and simple way that reduces the amount of pipe-work and therefore the amount of wasted chemical trapped in the machine when spraying finishes. This also reduces the water volume required to clean the system as well as speeding up the process and saving valuable spraying time. The entire plumbing system including the spray boom is in continuous motion during both spraying and circulation modes.

Air shut off nozzles ensure an instantaneous spray on and off with no time lag for a more precise operation at headlands. This system is ideally suited for the optional GPS controlled automatic switching system that simplifies operation and dramatically improves accuracy of application.

Automatic spray boom height and levelling is another option that makes spraying as simple as possible whilst keeping the boom at its most efficient operating height and raising it during headland turns to reduce the chance of accidental damage.

This modern and efficient sprayer has many features that set it apart from its competitors. Call our sales department for more information or to arrange a demonstration.



  • MAXImizer plumbing system
  • Air shut-off nozzles
  • Presurised boom circulation
  • Automatic boom flusing
  • Muller Eco controller
  • Booms available up to 24m
  • Air Sleeve option