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ATV Sprayers


Lishman HC007 De-luxe ATV Mini-Spray

70 litre tank, variable pressure control and agitation system, 11.3 litre/min pump, 2.5 metre adjustable height 6 nozzle folding break-back spray boom and independent hand lance

Mini-Spray Options

Mini-Spray Economy Basic ATV Sprayer (with hand lance)
Mini-Spray HC001 Standard ATV unit (with hand lance & 1m spray boom)
Mini-Spray HC003 Compact ATV unit (with 2m spray boom & hand lance)
Mini-Spray HC007 De-luxe Compact sprayer (with break-back, variable-height 2.5m boom and hand lance)
Mini-Spray Mountings - Mini Trailer Chassis, 3-point Linkage