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The Kellands Agribuggy

The Agribuggy 2500 is now even lighter ensuring many more work days and much less downtime. Manufactured to the most demanding standards each Agribuggy is built to order by Kellands at Birdlip, Gloucestershire and sets new standards in sophistication and design.
The result is not only an aesthetically pleasing machine, strong & sturdy in looks but it is also surprisingly light and nimble around the field and easily surpasses the power weight ratio principles of its predecessors and competitors.

Once the driver is seated he is faced with a fully adjustable steering column with soft touch steering wheel and modern switch gear. The control console is also adjustable and features a new 4-way joystick for the commonly used tilt, lift and lower electro-hydraulic functions making the layout practical and even more user friendly.

The air conditioning uses the latest carbon filtration and clean air is recycled through four vents to keep the interior fresh & comfortable.


The In-cab computer is the RDS Pro Series 8000 which is GPS compatible and fully meets the exacting standards required by today's precision farming methods.

A major new and innovative design feature is the self-locating remounting and demounting operation. Solid metal cones are now fixed to the sprayer or fertiliser spreader mounting frame so that the operator only needs to get within an inch or two and the frame will self-locate making for much faster and safer attachment.


Powering the Agribuggy is a reliable 2.8L turbodiesel from International Engines. Power is directed through a ZF torque converter and four speed automatic gearbox to a dual range transfer box. A central , lockable differential then distributes the power to front and rear axles ensuring the Buggy can keep up with the work whatever the conditions.

Hydrostatic steering on the front axle in standard on all Agribuggys with an optional four wheel steer system. The four wheel steer gives four modes - Road, 2WS, 4WS and Crab. With the four wheel steer you also have the option of using "Autolink", which connects the 4 wheel steer to the master on/off spray control to automatically engage and disengage the rear steering for headland turns making the job quicker , and life even easier

Within the engine housing all hydraulics and electrics are centrally located for improved access and day-to-day maintenance checks are easier and quicker to accomplish


The 2500 litre GRP spray tank gives the mchine clean, modern design lines, dipping away to the rear to allow the operator a clearer view through the folding rear window/escape hatch. It is profiled to give a better (and enviable) weight distribution with internal baffles for greater stability.

The Pommier aluminium spray boom is available in widths up to 32 metres and is protected by a 3 stage suspension system providing stability and even spray application on the roughest terrain.

The sprayer control system now featues instant air operated shut-offs, seven sections and a boom re-circulation system to ensure instant spraying with fully mixed chemical. This innovative system also allows rinsing of the spray lines without emtying the spray tank.




Tractor Unit

Engine International Engines TDI, 2785cc, 97kw (132hp), intercooled turbo-diesel, 355Nm torque
Transmission Four speed ZF automatic, ZF torque converter, LandRover 2 speed transfer box with lockable centre differential
Axles Melo heavy duty axles with epicyclic planetary reduction hubs - overall reduction 12.15:1
Suspension Leaf springs with coil assisters on all four corners & shock absorbers on front
Wheel Brakes

Disc brakes with 4 cyl callipers on all 4 wheels with hydraulic servo assistance

Parking brake Cable operated drum brake on rear prop-shaft plus parking deadlock on transmission
Steering Hydrostatic steering to front axle. Optional electronically controlled four wheel steering with Road / 2WS / 4WS / Crab / Rear axle steer and Auto sprayer interface.
Turning circle 10 metres on standard LP tyres, 6 metres with 4 wheel steering
Road speed 40 km/h on LP tyres, 50 km/h on row crop wheels
Tyres 560/60-R22.5 Trelleborg Twin Radial (std low pressure) with a range of row crop options up to 9.5R44s
Fuel tank  95 litres


Tank 2,500 litre GRP main tank with 2 rotary nozzles for cleaning. 240 litre clean water tank, 20 litre handwash tank. Large clothing locker
Booms 24 metre Pommier aluminium boom (18-32m available) with 12m fold, hydraulic tilt, 4 stage suspension.
Spraylines Stainless steel with choice of single or triplet, bayonet nozzle bodies. Wide choice of nozzles
Spray controls RDS Pro Series 8000 automatic rate controller, Simpe 2 valve operation for filling/spraying and washing functions. Electro-pneumatic boom and pressure controls with integrated and automatic spray line re-circulation.
Chemical Induction Drop down, 30 litre polyethylene induction hopper with can rinse system
Pump Imovilli four cylinder, 274 lpm
Overall weight

Unladen 4600 Kg, Laden 7200 Kg